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About Dubai Wills

It is advisable to make a Will to safeguard assets that you own in Dubai, or any other Emirate in the UAE. Taking this step not only guarantees property distribution as per your wishes but also minimizes the possibility of disputes within your family. A Will in Dubai ensures streamlined processing of all legal matters pertaining to inheritance of your assets.

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4 reasons to prepare and register your Dubai Wills with us:

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How it Works?

An easy 3-step process to prepare your Wills in Dubai:

step 1

Step 1

Consultation with our lawyers regarding your circumstances and requirements.

step 2

Step 2

Preparation of the Will draft. The draft can be amended at your request.

step 3

Step 3

Registration of the Will with the designated jurisdiction.


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Asset protection with a Will in Dubai
As a destination with a thriving economy, Dubai has always attracted individuals looking to secure lucrative opportunities and build wealth. The tax benefits and the opportunistic ecosystem lure professionals and entrepreneurs who want to ensure financial stability in their lives. If you are one of these people who foresaw the potential returns of living or investing in Dubai, moved here, and gradually accumulated wealth, it is time you safeguard this with a UAE Will.  

In Dubai and the rest of the UAE, the mechanism of distributing a deceased individual's assets is governed by the Shariah Law. This means that when an individual passes away, the assets owned by him/her are divided according to this law. Needless to say, this may not always be how the person would have wished. This is why having a Will in Dubai is so crucial.  

A UAE Will serves as a robust legal document guaranteeing that individuals’ possessions are disbursed as per their specific desires. If you want a proper plan in place to fulfill your desires concerning asset distribution and protect the interests of your loved ones, a Will in Dubai is a must.
A Dubai Will for Affairs Beyond Asset Protection
Apart from asset protection, a Will in the UAE allows you to nominate guardians for your minor children. As a legal guardian, the individual will take up the responsibility of raising your child after you pass away. The selected guardian will be accountable for the child’s needs concerning food, education, health care, etc. It is a common misconception that the mother of the child is automatically appointed as the child’s guardian after the father’s death.

In fact, a Dubai Will must be written and the mother must be specifically appointed as the guardian of the child.Interestingly, a registered Will in the UAE allows you to detail provisions for your pets as well. You can name the individuals who will take care of your pets after you pass away. You can also leave behind money to be used by the caretaker for your pets. A Will also entitles you to express your funeral wishes as well. This could include a wish such as the preferred place for your burial.
Registering Wills in Abu Dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) is the designated jurisdiction for registering Wills in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Muslim Wills as well as non-Muslim Wills can be registered here. It must be noted that ADJD Wills need to be drafted in Arabic as well as English languages. Interestingly, a Will prepared in Dubai can be registered here.
Cost of a Will in the UAE
The price of making a Will in Dubai or any other Emirate of the UAE varies on a number of factors. The major factor influencing the pricing is the jurisdiction where it will be registered. Secondly, there are other considerations such as the urgency of the Will, and any additional requirements that need to be accommodated such as witnessing assistance. We encourage you to get in touch with us to know the detailed cost of a Will in the UAE.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if a person passes away without a Will?
In such an event, the UAE courts decide the inheritors of your assets. Usually, the Shariah or the home country law comes into effect and the distribution of assets is based on this.
What happens to the bank account of a person who passes away without a Will?
Usually, the bank account freezes immediately and becomes accessible only after probate is issued by the UAE Court.
What is the difference between a Dubai Court Will and a DIFC Will?
A Dubai Court Will is simply a Will that is registered with the Dubai Courts Notary Public. Such a document is usually translated and registered in Arabic. In contrast, a DIFC Will is registered with the DIFC Wills Service Centre. This type of Will requires no Arabic translation and is registered in English. Also, these Wills can be prepared by non-muslims only.
Why is it important to have a Will in the UAE?
A written and registered Will allows anyone owning property in the UAE to decide the inheritors. Without a Will, this decision is up to the courts. Additionally, a Will allows you to choose guardians for your children, leave funeral wishes, and state the caretaker for your pets as well.