Power of Attorney Dubai, UAE

End-to-end UAE POA drafting and remote notarization assistance

Starting fromAED 1,099AED 599

Power of Attorney Dubai, UAE

End-to-end UAE POA drafting and remote notarization assistance

Starting fromAED 1,099AED 599

POA Dubai Overview

A Power of Attorney (POA) in Dubai, UAE is a legal document that authorizes one person to act on behalf of another person in a personal, business, or legal capacity. The person who authorizes another person to do the work is called the principal, donor, or grantor, while the person who takes on the authority is called the agent, or trustee. Below are some of the different types of Powers of Attorneys in UAE

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General POA

Empower your decisions with a General Power of Attorney in Dubai. This legal document not only grants the authority for medical decisions, contractual dealing, and financial matters but also offers flexibility. Even if initially declared irreversible, it remains within your control, revoking the POA at any given time. Secure your financial, property, and legal affairs with the versatile General Power of Attorney in Dubai, providing the legal support you need, precisely when you need it.

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Vehicle POA

Navigate vehicle-related transactions effortlessly with a Vehicle Power of Attorney in Dubai. Whether buying, selling, or registering, managing these tasks from another country can be problematic. A Vehicle POA is the solution you might be looking for, empowering a trusted agent to handle transactions on your behalf. Gain the authority to simplify administrative work, ensuring hassle-free and secure vehicle management. Acquire your Vehicle Power of Attorney in UAE today and let a reliable agent take the wheel.

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Company POA

In Dubai and across the UAE, it is a common practice to create a Company POA. This legal power of attorney document allows a company shareholder to delegate management responsibilities to another person, who doesn't have to be an employee. A Company Power of Attorney in Dubai, UAE is a way to smoothly hand over company affairs to a trusted individual.

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Property POA

Property owners can gain control and ease of transactions with the Property Power of Attorney in the UAE. With this document, you can appoint someone to handle real estate transactions, asset management, and property-related decisions in your absence. Get your P roperty POA in Dubai with ease and ensure the signing process is smooth by presenting the legal document in front of a notary public, provided you have a title deed issued by the Dubai Land Department.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some unparalleled benefits of our services for online POA in Dubai:

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Tailored Solutions

We ensure that all powers of attorney prepared by us align with your requirements.

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Timely Solutions

We understand the urgency of your affairs and guarantee the timely delivery of your POA.

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Cost-effective Solutions

We provide exceptional POA services at a much lower price than you’d typically pay.

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Client-focused Solutions

We are committed to ensuring personalized attention and prompt addressing of your queries.

How it Works?

A seamless 3-step process to prepare your POA in Dubai:

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Step 1

Customized quotation as per your requirements

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Step 2

Drafting and translation of your POA to Arabic

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Step 3

Assistance with the in-person/online notarization

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FAQs About POA Dubai
How much does the power of attorney cost?
All the different POAs start from AED 599, but the price may vary based on the service requirement. Please contact us for a customized quote.
Can a POA be revoked?
Yes, In most cases the POA can be revoked by the principal, but this might vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
What are the requirements for notarizing the POA document?
Notarizing the POA document generally involves signing the document in the presence of a notary public, but then again this might vary according to your jurisdiction.
Can I assign multiple agents in a single POA document?
Yes, In some jurisdictions, multiple agents can be assigned to a single POA document with specific roles and responsibilities.
How can I ensure the authenticity of a POA document?
This process involves notarization, proper documentation, and following the legal procedures set by your jurisdiction.
How is a POA executed in Dubai?
A POA is executed by signing the document in front of a notary public, confirming its authenticity.
What information is crucial to include in a POA?
Details about the principal, agent, specific powers granted, and the nature of the delegated authority.
How much does the power of attorney cost?
It depends on the specific requirements and legal proceedings of the country. Apostille or legalization might be necessary for international recognition.
How can I ensure the effectiveness of a POA over time?
Regular review and updating of the POA whenever necessary helps adapt to the changing circumstances and legal requirements.
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