Court Case Power of Attorney in Dubai UAE

Designate an individual to handle your court cases in the UAE.

Starting fromAED 1,198AED 599

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About Court Case POAs

If you are unable to attend court proceedings personally, you can authorize another individual to handle your affairs through a court case power of attorney in Dubai and across the UAE. With such a POA, your agent/attorney can represent you before the UAE courts, dispute resolution centers, government departments, and other relevant authorities.

Powers Granted Under a Court Case POA*


  • Filing complaints
  • Applying for a court case
  • Managing court case-related affairs
  • Appointing lawyers/other legal personnel
  • *Please note that the list of powers is not exhaustive.

How it Works?

An easy 3-step process to prepare your court case power of attorney in Dubai

step 1

Step 1

Customized quotation as per your requirements

step 2

Step 2

Drafting and translation of your POA to Arabic

step 3

Step 3

Assistance with the in-person/online notarization


Receive a personalized quote for a court case power of attorney in Dubai.

Starting fromAED 1,198AED 599

Documents Required*

The below-mentioned documents are required for preparing a court case power of attorney in Dubai.

  • Copies of the principal’s passport
  • Copies of the principal’s residence visa/ Emirates ID (if available)
  • Copies of the attorney’s passport
  • Copies of the attorney’s residence visa/ Emirates ID (if available)
  • Court case documents and details
  • *Please note that other relevant documents may be required on a case-by-case basis.

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